To enable the US and its key allies, and their respective organizations and citizens to generate and maintain the maximum economic strength and thereby economic health.


Automated innovation

Enables technology to be acquired (including R&D) and utilized with unprecedented speed, efficiency and agility for all functions within all size and types of private and public organizations to generate and maintain the required competitive advantage.

Symbiotic deployment of automated innovation

Enables all technology within a country to be acquired and utilized in a highly coherent but flexible and independent fashion unifying all functions within all organizations thereby multiplying the competitive advantage of automated innovation for economic strength.


Each US and key ally private and public organization is able to use

their countries' respective Grand Economic Development Symbiotic Technology Strategy with Automated Innovation System to develop the organization's individual symbiotic technology strategy.


U.S. and key allies' economic strength

Each countries' respective resources (e.g., finances, technology, natural resources, manpower) used with unprecedented speed, efficiency and agility and in a highly coherent, but flexible and independent fashion to generate the maximum competitive advantage and thereby economic strength for the country, its organizations and all of its citizens

Use of Funds

To accelerate the expansion, funds and support are needed for the following:

Education and visibility

Increase visibility, understanding of Operation US Forward -- Cures sickness rather than temporarily nullifying symptoms
Educate on need and ability to re-adopt tech-based planning -- Build products and services, stop juggling the economics

Infrastructure for Automated Innovation System deployment

Establish working groups in additional sectors -- Deployment is in the hands of the people of the sector, not a bureaucrat
Implement infrastructure tools to remove bureaucratic barriers -- Enable Americans to pull together to rebuild our country